Blinds Design Ideas – Let Light In & Block Light Out!

Blinds Design Ideas – Blinds come in all types and materials from Roman Shades, pleated paper, wooden plantation shutters and many more. There are even fancier types of the “old-fashioned” roll up blinds that you can get in custom and standard lengths. What you have to consider is how long do you want them to last, and what is the sunlight situation, and will they get a lot of wear and tear from little fingers?

Blinds Design Ideas

Be sure that any blinds that you purchase if you have small children in your home, do not have dangling cords, as that can be very dangerous for children. Drapes and curtains come in a vast array of styles and lengths and widths and mounting methods. If you have hardware showing at the top of your drapes you can hide it with a solid or fabric valance. Lined draperies are always good if you want to block light. Check out cleaning methods before you purchase window coverings. Some are only dry-cleanable and you want to be sure because if you have any chemically-sensitive family members, dry-cleaning will probably make them sneeze!

There are many models of Blinds and drapes on the market. If you want to make an ideea what other people’s buying then check the links bellow and see the Best Rated and Best Seller Blinds on

Best Blinds Design Ideas

1. Best Blinds for kitchen
Best Blinds for kitchen

2. Best Blinds for bathroom
Best Blinds for bathroom

3. Best Blinds for bedroom
Best Blinds for bedroom

4. Best Blinds for living room
Best Blinds for living room

5. Best Blinds for sliding doors
Best Blinds for sliding doors

6. Best Blinds for patio doors
Best Blinds for patio doors

7. Best Blinds for bay windows
Best Blinds for bay windows

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